b'CONTENT SChapter 1: Mergers & Acquisitions8. Life Sector8. North America and Bermuda11. UK and Europe12. Asia-Pacific16. Property-Casualty Sector 16. North America and Bermuda19. UK and Europe22. Asia-Pacific24. SPAC s34. Bancassurance35. Transactional Liability Insurance35. United States36. UK and Europe Chapter 2: Corporate Finance44. Equity Capital Markets47. Debt Capital MarketsChapter 3: ILS and Convergence MarketsChapter 4: Insurance Regulatory60. US/NAIC60. Major NAIC Investment-Related Initiatives72. Renewed NAIC Scrutiny of Private Equity Investments in Insurers76. States Continue Adoption of Amended Credit for Reinsurance Models as Federal Preemption Deadline Looms79. Insurance Business Transfers and Corporate Divisions Gather Steam84. Winds of ChangeDevelopments in Climate Change and Insurance Industry Resiliency90. States Are Slow to Enact Amendments to Anti-Rebate Provisions of NAIC Model Law91. Continuing Focus on Race and Insurance94. A Busy Year for the NAICs Group Capital Initiative97. NAIC Model Amendments Address Relationships Between Insurers in Receivership and Affiliated Service Providers100. Multistate Rate Reviews for Long-Term Care Insurance Aim to Reduce Cross-State Subsidies'