b'TABLE OF CONTENTSThis disciplinary action arose from a message sent by this agent through his social media account in January 2020, seeking to use the outbreak of COVID-19 to encourage recipients to leave the Hubei Province in Mainland China and to purchase insurance policies from him in Hong Kong whilst escaping the pandemic. The message sent by this agent attracted numerous complaints due to considerable public health concerns.This agent was found to have contravened Standard and Practice 1.2(c) of the Code of Conduct since he had breached his appointing insurers internal policy in carrying out cross-border selling. This agent also contravened s.90(a) and (b) of the IO in carrying on of a regulated activity which, in the IAs opinion, was or was likely to be prejudicial to the public interest, and failed to exercise the level of care, skill and diligence when carrying on regulated activity.The agent was found guilty of one count of misconduct as defined by s.80(1) of the IO, and he was not a fit and proper person as defined under s.81(1) of the IO to be a licensed individual insurance agent.MAYER BROWN |115'