b'TABLE OF CONTENTSThat being said, the working group spent significant effort during the reports release emphasizing that the report was only meant to be a document for consideration and discussion and not a statement of definitive rights. During the reports release, the working group stated multiple times that despite the use of the term right, these are merely issues for consideration by the NAIC as it considers next steps with respect to consumer data privacy protections. In addition, during its release of the report, the working group emphasized that the discussion contained in the report, such as the protections offered under GDPR, were not recommendations, but rather points of consideration for the NAIC.The report concludes with thefollowing recommendations:that the NAIC Insurance Information and Privacy Protection Model Act (Model #670) and the Privacy of Consumer Financial and Health Information Regulation (Model #672) be amended to ensure that regulators can continue to provide consumer data privacy protections essential to meet the consumer data privacy challenges presented by the public use of technology and data by insurers in todays business environment; andthat the NAICs Market Regulation Handbook be updated, as necessary, to provide guidance to state insurance regulators so they can verify insurers compliance the regulatory framework for consumer privacy protections.MAYER BROWN |141'