b'CYBERSECURITY & DATA PRIVACY|REGULATION3.Consumer Access: insurance licensees should notify any insurance licensees should permit consumersperson or entity that has received the to submit a request to obtain access to his/herconsumers prior personal information personal information used by the licensee inwithin the last seven years of either the its operations; and change in personal information or the consumers statement of dispute.insurance licensees should respond to such5.Data Ownership and Portability:requests within 30 business days by providing the following: insurance licensees should allow consumers to a copy of the consumers personalrequest a copy of personal information that information; they have provided to the licensee for use in the licensees operations; andan explanation on how the personalinsurance licensees should provide such information was used (i.e., rating,copies within 30 business days of the request. underwriting, claims); and the source of the personal information.The report states that these five protections are designed to be the foundation for the minimum 4.Data Accuracy:consumer data privacy protections in the insurance licensees should have a processinsurance industry. They correlate directly to the through which consumers can submitfollowing six consumer privacy rights discussed requests to correct, amend or deleteby the working group in developing the report personal information used by the licenseeand policy statement:in its operations; 1.the right to receive notice of an insurers privacy within 30 business days of receiving suchpolicies and practices; request, insurance licensees should either2.the right to limit an insurers disclosure of make the requested change or notify thepersonal data;consumer of their refusal to do so, the3.the right to have access to personal data used reasons for the refusal, and the consumersby an insurer; right to file a statement of dispute setting forth what the consumer thinks is the correct4.the right to request the correction or information and the reasons for disagreeingamendment of personal data used by an insurer; with the licensee; and 5.the right of data ownership; and 6.the right of data portability.140|Global Insurance Industry Year in Review 2021'