b'TECHNOLOGY|INSURTECHElevation of Innovation and Technologya survey of insurance regulators with respect within the NAIC to state laws regarding the Uniform Electronic In 2017, the NAIC created a new Innovation andTransactions Act and other e-commerce laws;Technology (EX) Task Force reporting to the NAICa survey of insurance regulators with respect to Executive (EX) Committee. At the end of 2021, theexceptions related to e-commerce adopted in NAIC elevated that task force to become its ownresponse to the COVID-19 pandemic; and letter committeethe Innovation, Cybersecurity, and Technology (H) Committee a survey of interested parties to: (1) identify charged with coordinating NAIC efforts regardingspecific technologies, electronic innovation, cybersecurity and privacy andcommunications, electronic transactions, or technology. This new committee will oversee theforms and methods of electronic commerce that following working groups: are prohibited or impeded by statutes, regulations, interpretations or practice of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (H)specific regulators, and (2) identify ways efforts Working Group to conduct business electronically are impeded Speed to Market (H) Working Groupby law or practice.E-Commerce (H) Working Group These surveys are meant inform the working groups charge to develop meaningful, unified Cybersecurity (H) Working Group recommendations with regard to e-commerce, The reestablishment of the Cybersecurity (H)possibly in the form of a model bulletin.Working Group is covered in a separate section ofSecond, the NAICs Accelerated Underwriting (A) this report (see Cybersecurity and Data Privacy). Working Group is working on an accelerated Other NAIC Workstreams underwriting educational report. The report is still being developed, but is guided by the There are two other workstreams at the NAIC worthprinciple that regulators must ensure that the use noting for the insurtech industry, although no finalof automation of life insurance underwriting is work product was issued by either of thesefair, transparent, and secure.workstreams in 2021.First, the NAICs E-Commerce (H) Working Group is currently working on three surveys:126|Global Insurance Industry Year in Review 2021'