Cyber threats continue to evolve, and data privacy considerations continue to grow more complex. Whether defending against global ransomware campaigns or adjusting to new legal regimes governing international data transfers, companies of all sizes today face unprecedented cybersecurity and data privacy challenges.

Our practical guide, Staying Ahead of the Curve: Cybersecurity and Data Privacy—Hot Topics for Global Businesses, highlights key developments and priorities in these critical fields, from the Internet of Things and cloud, to complying with China’s new cybersecurity law and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. Three common themes cut across these diverse topics.

  • First, cybersecurity and data privacy challenges continue to grow in importance for global businesses. Businesses are growing increasingly dependent on connected technologies to deliver services, control costs and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. The risks posed by cyber threats and the importance of appropriately managing company and personal data consequently have never been more significant for businesses.
  • Second, cybersecurity and data privacy challenges are constantly evolving, raising new complexities even for companies that already have thought long and hard about these topics. Global businesses consequently will benefit from striving to stay ahead of the curve, rather than risk falling behind dynamic regulatory requirements, customer expectations, or competitive pressures.
  • Third, businesses increasingly face cybersecurity and data privacy challenges on a global scale. International commerce is becoming-more connected even while diverse regulatory regimes emerge across the world. Businesses consequently are increasingly forced to address cybersecurity and data privacy issues in a coordinated manner across their global enterprises, from the international suppliers they rely upon to the customers they serve around the world.

Authored by lawyers in Mayer Brown’s global Cybersecurity & Data Privacy practice, this practical guide serves as a valuable resource for in-house counsel, executives and other stakeholders as they seek to address cybersecurity and data privacy challenges in a manner that is consistent with their business needs and evolving legal requirements.

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