September 23, 2021

Cloud + Strategic Partnership: The Evolution of Cloud Services



Competition among cloud platform providers is fierce as they scramble for market share and customers. As cloud providers bundle key products and services—such as AI and other tools—with their “basic” cloud offerings to lure and retain cloud customers, they are also offering other benefits through “strategic partnerships” with customers. In a strategic partnership, a cloud provider collaborates with the customer to provide new services or industry platforms and even joint “go-to-market” opportunities utilizing data and industry expertise from the customer. Cloud + Strategic Partnerships resemble joint ventures in many respects but without forming a jointly-owned legal entity. While a Cloud + Strategic Partnership may provide many advantages to cloud customers, there are a number of important issues to consider before entering into such a relationship. Join Mayer Brown partners Rebecca Eisner, Rohith George and Brad Peterson and host Julian Dibbell as they discuss how to achieve the customer’s business and legal objectives in a Cloud + Strategic Partnership with a cloud provider.

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