November 09, 2022

U.S. Specialty Lender Finance & Private Credit Forum


Mayer Brown is a proud sponsor of the U.S. Specialty Lender Finance & Private Credit Forum, hosted by DealCatalyst, being held in New York on November 9. This one-day event will explore the key factors fueling the growth of this non-bank lending sector as an important finance tool and an attractive investment opportunity for institutional buyers alike.

Partner Matthew O’Meara will be speaking on the panel “Trends in Specialty Lender Finance and the Role of Private Credit." Topics include:

  • Overview of the landscape of assets financed
  • How has this market evolved over the last five years, and where is it headed? Growth predictions for the next five years
  • Considerations for choosing your funding partner: bank, challenger bank vs. a fund
  • Relative value of private structured finance vs. other forms of funding (equity raise, bank loans, unsecured debt or securitization) in determining a funding strategy
  • What are some of the positive tailwinds for the market?
  • How nervous are we about inflation bubbles? Federal Reserve interest rate increases?
  • Are current geopolitical tensions slowing the deal pipeline? How will this impact credit across the board?
  • Are banks prepared to finance the rebound in demand for credit amid non-performing loan balances and restraint from regulators? Can private credit fill the void?
  • Investor appetite: new credit verticals dedicated to private debt fueling direct lending power and scale

Partner Joanne De Silva will be moderating the panel “Supporting Lower and Mid- Tier Middle Market Companies: The Growing Role of Specialty Finance." Topics include:

  • How large is the funding gap left by traditional banks in lending to the U.S. SME space? What is the bank lending volume outlook amid tightened underwriting standards and regulatory pressures? How large is the opportunity for specialty lenders and the private credit funds who support them?
  • Are we concerned about stressed credits going into 2023, and how are specialty lenders monitoring their loans? Are underwriting standards tightening as a result?
  • Rising interest rates: how will SME specialty lenders manage higher costs of capital? Will this be passed along to the corporate borrower?

Partner Jan Stewart will be speaking on the panel “Get Ready to Securitize! Preparing for your First ABS Transaction." Topics include:

  • What stage in the life cycle of an originator does a securitization make the most sense? What is the minimum amount of originated loan volume required? What threshold amount of funding requirement?
  • Is ABS always the best way to go? Relative value comparison to other forms of both public and private funding
  • What infrastructure is required to issue an ABS deal? Are all asset classes created equal?
  • Who are the key counterparties to an ABS transaction?

For more information about the forum, including the agenda, please visit the event website.

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