Mayer Brown’s Telecommunications Litigation lawyers combine extensive industry knowledge and in-depth regulatory understanding with exceptional commercial litigation skills to represent the interests of telecommunications clients in dispute resolutions around the globe. Our Telecommunications Litigation practice advises on a broad range of related areas, including telecommunications, antitrust, administrative law, civil procedure, constitutional law, economic principles, overlapping regulatory institutions and complex new technologies. 


Our Telecommunications Litigation practice has represented telecommunications leaders in all manner of proceedings (including arbitrations, state and federal regulatory proceedings, trials, and appeals), in all areas of law (including matters related to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, antitrust, federal pre-emption, constitutional litigation, and rights-of-way litigation), and in numerous jurisdictions throughout the country (from Alaska to California in the west, to Texas and Florida in the south, to Pennsylvania and Virginia in the east, to New Hampshire and Minnesota in the north). The practice group combines the individual talents and experience of its members in both the technical areas of communications law and in the practice of trial and appellate litigation.

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