junio 10 2020

The Moral of the Story: Rethinking Legal and Communications Risks in Light of COVID-19


As companies grapple with the novel and sensitive issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is certain: it’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time. We have already seen companies criticized for allegations that they lawfully applied for government relief, lawfully maximized shareholder value by selling in-demand products to non-US purchasers, and lawfully preferred, as most companies do, their own customers when distributing government funds. No doubt that’s the tip of the iceberg. Many private sector companies, even some of those that acted lawfully and in good faith, will soon find themselves in the crosshairs of media scrutiny and inquiries as House and Senate committees focus on companies’ response to the pandemic.

Under an intense media spotlight, these congressional investigations are likely to spawn wide-ranging, high-profile investigations by multiple entities, including the DOJ, SEC, and other enforcement agencies. It is imperative for companies to carefully consider and adapt communications strategies now both to support their legal positions and protect corporate reputations. What is more, the necessary narrative may look different than it would have a few (long) months ago—demonstrating compassion and staking out the moral high ground may be every bit as important as demonstrating full legal compliance. Join us for “The Moral of the Story” webinar, where we will:

  • Explore the areas likely to be the focus of initial media, congressional, and enforcement inquiries
  • Walk through a hypothetical scenario illustrating the shifting state of risk and potential liability
  • Provide practical guidance for aligning legal and communications strategies as preventative and risk reduction measures

Additional Speaker
Kevin Bailey, Partner, Brunswick

Tamika Hawkins, Associate, Brunswick

To view a recording of the webinar or the presentation materials, please send us an email.

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