Mayer Brown’s Capital Markets practice consists of corporate lawyers who represent both issuers, as well as placement agents, underwriters and dealers in a wide variety of equity, equity-linked and debt offerings, in addition to an experienced structured finance practice working at the forefront of the market for securitized products.

With lawyers located in the principal financial centers in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, we regularly represent issuers and financial intermediaries in connection with issuances of fixed-income securities, including investment grade debt, leveraged capital, high yield debt, continuously offered products, structured products and hybrid capital. In addition, we have substantial experience in all aspects of equity capital transactions, including initial public offerings, offerings of American Depositary Receipts and Global Depository Receipts, private placements, mezzanine or “pre-IPO” private placements, PIPE transactions and other equity offerings. We have considerable industry-specific expertise advising on transactions in the life sciences, energy, financial services and financial institutions, fintech, insurance, REIT and business development company sectors.

Mayer Brown also has one of the largest structured finance practices in the world–and with that size comes the knowledge, experience and manpower to tackle transactions of any scale in almost any jurisdiction. We are a recognized leader in the execution of asset-backed securities and mortgage-backed securities, as well as asset-backed commercial paper, IP and whole business securitization, global ABS, collateralized debt obligations and structured derivatives.

Utilizing our knowledge, experience and global platform, we are focused on the business objectives of our clients, managing the risks inherent in financing transactions and utilizing resources efficiently to help clients achieve their goals. As a result of the diverse nature of our clients, our representation of issuers and other market participants, and our global presence, our group has a thorough understanding of the business and legal issues that arise in complex financing transactions and the ability to create solutions that meet the needs of all parties.

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Chambers Greater China Region

  • China: Capital Markets: Debt (International Firms)
  • China: Capital Markets: High-Yield Products (International Firms)
  • China: Financial Services (International Firms)

Chambers Asia-Pacific

  • Mongolia: General Business Law
  • Vietnam: Banking & Finance: Capital Markets

“A client states simply: ‘The team that I worked with is very professional, knowledgeable and, most importantly, commercial; the partners are responsive and well versed in relevant laws and regulations and their track records have proven their competence.’” Chambers Asia-Pacific

Chambers Global

  • Global-wide: Capital Markets: Capital Markets: Structured Finance, Securitisation, & Derivatives
  • China: Capital Markets: Debt (International Firms)
  • China: Capital Markets: High-Yield Products (International Firms)
  • Europe-wide: Capital Markets: Structured Finance
  • Germany: Capital Markets: Structured Finance
  • Latin America-wide: Capital Markets
  • UK: Capital Markets: Debt
  • UK: Capital Markets: Derivatives
  • UK: Capital Markets: Securitisation
  • UK: Finance & Capital Markets (International & Cross Border)
  • USA: Capital Markets: Derivatives
  • USA: Capital Markets: Securitisation
  • USA: Capital Markets: Structured Products
  • USA: Finance & Capital Markets (International & Cross Border)
  • USA: Tax: Corporate & Finance
  • Vietnam: Banking & Finance: Capital Markets

“In relation to global work in the financial and capital markets space, a client says: ‘They are well organised and the leading attorneys have deep expertise in the US market as well as connections to colleagues globally for cross-border considerations.’ The client adds: "Mayer Brown’s international abilities are top-notch, given their presence and expertise in many countries and coordination between the offices.’” Chambers Global

Chambers Europe

  • Europe-wide: Regulatory: Environment
  • Germany: Capital Markets: Structured Finance
  • UK: Capital Markets: Debt

Chambers Brazil

  • Brazil: Capital Markets

Chambers UK

  • London (Firms): Capital Markets: Debt
  • London (Firms): Capital Markets: Derivatives
  • London (Firms): Capital Markets: Securitisation

“Another [client] appreciates that the lawyers ‘understand the client’s perspective in a transaction and have tireless amounts of energy to make sure it is successfully completed on time.’” Chambers UK

Chambers USA

  • Nationwide: Derivatives
  • Nationwide: Capital Markets: Investment Grade Debt: Manager Counsel
  • Nationwide: Capital Markets: Structured Products
  • Nationwide: Capital Markets: Securitization: ABS
  • Nationwide: Capital Markets: Securitization: RMBS

“‘[Mayer Brown] provides insight on how the markets structure transactions,’ says one impressed client, who goes on to highlight that it is ‘a high functioning, customer-responsive unit that works well together and provides the service level needed by a demanding business.’” Chambers USA

Chambers FinTech

  • USA: FinTech Legal: Corporate, Securities & Financing
  • USA: FinTech Legal: Payments & Lending

GlobalCapital Americas Derivatives Awards

  • US Law Firm of the Year – Transactions 2022, 2021, 2020
  • Americas Law Firm of the Year 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018
  • US Law Firm of the Year – Regulatory 2017, 2016

“Be it giving guidance on the cross-border implications of post-crisis regulations or advising on the execution of an esoteric trade, the firm has built a business that can deal with a range of cross-border complexities for both US and non-US clients.” GlobalCapital

GlobalCapital Global Derivatives Awards

  • European Law Firm of the Year – Transactions 2020, 2018, 2017
  • Global Law Firm of the Year (Overall), 2019
  • European Law Firm of the Year – Regulatory 2016, 2015

“Mayer Brown has a practice with equal depth in both New York and English derivatives law, the two regimes that govern 90% of the global derivatives market…. Together with its partners in continental Europe and Hong Kong, Mayer Brown is a truly global derivatives practice. As a result, it has a seat on most banks’ panels of law firms.” GlobalCapital

GlobalCapital US Securitization Awards

  • ABS Law Firm of the Year, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021
  • RMBS Law Firm of the Year, 2021
  • Securitization Law Firm of the Year, 2017, 2020

IFLR Americas Awards

  • Structured Finance and Securitization Team of the Year, 2016, 2017, 2020


  • Brazil: Capital Markets: Debt
  • Brazil: Capital Markets: Equity
  • China: Capital Markets: Foreign
  • France: Capital Markets: Equity
  • France: Capital Markets: Structured Finance and Securitisation
  • Germany: Capital Markets: Debt
  • Germany: Capital Markets: Structured Finance and Securitisation
  • Hong Kong: Capital Markets: Debt 
  • Hong Kong: Capital Markets: Equity
  • Hong Kong: Capital Markets: High Yield
  • Hong Kong: Capital Markets: Structured Finance and Securitisation
  • Mongolia: Financial and Corporate: Foreign
  • Myanmar: Financial and Corporate: Foreign
  • UK: Capital Markets: Debt
  • UK: Capital Markets: Equity
  • UK: Capital Markets: Derivatives
  • UK: Capital Markets: High Yield
  • UK: Financial Services Regulatory: Non-contentious
  • UK: Capital Markets: Structured Finance and Securitisation
  • USA: Capital Markets: Debt
  • USA: Capital Markets: Equity
  • USA: Capital Markets: Derivatives
  • USA: Capital Markets: High Yield
  • USA: Capital Markets: Financial Services Regulatory
  • USA: Capital Markets: Structured Finance and Securitisation
  • Vietnam: Capital Markets: Debt
  • Vietnam: Capital Markets: Equity

“‘Deep bench of expertise on subject matter, the ability to execute transactions successfully on tight time frames and provide cost effective services.’” IFLR1000 US (client testimonial)

IFLR1000 Asia Pacific Awards

  •  Capital Markets: Debt and Equity-linked Deal of the Year, 2023

IFLR1000 United States Awards

  • Capital Markets: Debt - Deal of the Year, 2021

The Legal 500 Latin American

  • Brazil: Capital Markets

“‘The team is extremely technical and has excellent business acumen. Partners are always involved in discussions and always collaborate in discussions (whether simple or complex).’” The Legal 500 Latin America (Client Testimonial)

The Legal 500 Deutscheland

  • Capital Markets: DCM
  • Capital Markets: Structured Finance and Securitisation

The Legal 500 Asia-Pacific

  • Hong Kong: Capital Markets (Debt)
  • Hong Kong: Capital Markets (Equity)
  • Hong Kong: Structured Finance and Securitization
  • Mongolia: Leading Firm

“‘Their internal cooperation is terrific, and they work well with other counterparties, always staying focused on the ultimate client objective.’” The Legal 500 Asia-Pacific (Client Testimonial)

The Legal 500 France

  • Securitisation, Derivatives and Structured Finance
  • Derivatives and Structured Finance

The Legal 500 UK

  • Equity Capital Markets: Mid-large cap
  • Equity Capital Markets: Small-mid cap
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Derivatives and Structured Products
  • Corporate Tax
  • Financial Services: Contentious
  • Financial Services: Non-contentious/Regulatory
  • High Yield
  • Investment Grade Debt and Syndicated Loans
  • Securitisation

“‘The capital markets team at Mayer Brown is very client focused, accessible and combines the right skills to deliver exactly what a client needs. The team members are very skilled lawyers, going the extra mile for their clients.’” The Legal 500 UK (client testimonial)

The Legal 500 US

  • Capital Markets Debt Offerings: Advice to Issuers; Advice to Underwriters
  • Capital Markets Equity Offerings: Advice to Issuers; Advice to Underwriters
  • Capital Markets: Global Offerings: Advice to Issuers; Advice to Underwriters
  • Capital Markets: High-Yield Debt Offerings: Advice to Issuers; Advice to Underwriters
  • Corporate Governance
  • Structured Finance: Derivatives & Structured Products
  • Structured Finance: Securitization
  • Financial Products: Tax
  • Latin America: International Firms: Capital Markets

“‘Very proactive, extremely knowledgeable around private placement transactions including pipes, pre-IPO rounds, VC funding documentation and acquisition related financing. You name it they have done it! Helpful and always making sure we are up to speed on the latest SEC developments regarding primary and secondary equity issuance. Incredible team and super experienced.’” The Legal 500 US (client testimonial)

US News and World Report/Best Lawyers' Best Law Firms

  • National: Corporate Law
  • National: Derivatives and Futures Law
  • National: Litigation: Securities
  • National: Securities/Capital Markets Law
  • National: Securitization and Structured Finance Law
  • National: Securities Regulation