On December 30, 2020, the National Energy Policy Council (“CNPE”) published Resolution No. 13/2020, establishing a working group to evaluate the inclusion of diesel cycle biofuels in the National Energy Policy.

The working group must observe in its analysis and opinion the guidelines of the National Biofuels Policy – RenovaBio, (as detailed in our Legal Update), as well as the principles of (i) protection of consumer interests in relation to price, product quality and supply and (ii) guarantee of fuel supply throughout the national territory.

The working group will be composed of representatives of the following entities: (i) Ministry of Mines and Energy, which will coordinate the working group; (ii) Civil House of the Presidency; (iii) Ministry of Economy; (iv) Ministry of Environment; (v) Ministry of Infrastructure; (vi) Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply; (vii) Ministry of Foreign Affairs; (viii) Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations; (ix) Ministry of Regional Development; (x) National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels; (xi) Energy Research Company; (xii) Administrative Council of Economic Defense; and (xiii) National Forum of Mines and Energy Secretariats.

The coordinator of the working group may invite experts and representatives of bodies and entities of the civil society and associations to participate in the meetings, as well as to advise on specific subjects, but without voting rights.

The working group must submit a final report to CNPE within 120 days from the appointment of its members by the Minister of Mines and Energy. This deadline may be extended through an act of CNPE's president, for relevant reasons.

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