Structured and Market-linked Product News for Inquiring Minds

REVERSEinquiries is Mayer Brown’s structured and market-linked products-focused newsletter. In this issue, we discuss:

  • Can the SEC protect investors from themselves?      
  • Regulation S-K Transitional FAQs 
  • FINRA Proposes a Retail Communication Filing Requirement for Private Placements        
  • ARRC Provides Recommendations to US Prudential Banking Regulators to Facilitate USD LIBOR Transition to SOFR    
  • US Bank Regulators Finalize Net Stable Funding Ratio Rule        
  • Exempt Offering Framework Amendments            
  • LIBOR Transition Assistance Legislation Introduced in New York State Senate      
  • FINRA Study on Overconfidence and Excessive Risk Taking Among Older Investors; FINRA Proposes Amendments to Rules Affecting Seniors 
  • SEC Charges Senior Index Manager for Insider Trading 
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