Brazilian Government's Investment Partnerships Program (Programa de Parceria de Investimentos or "PPI") authorized the development of new infrastructure projects. PPI's backlog now reaches the amount of 105 enterprises, embracing 46 ongoing projects and other 59 upcoming ones, related to a variety of industries and infrastructure sectors. The main information on the new projects is provided below.


PPI authorized several projects related to the highway sector, such as the concessions of BR 381/262/MG/ES (stretch connecting Belo Horizonte to Governador Valadares and stretch connecting João Monlevade/MG to Viana/ES) and BR 163/230/MT/PA (stretch connecting Sinop/MT to Mirituba/PA).

Privatization of Federal State Owned Companies

PPI added to the upcoming concession list the privatization of two federal stated-owned enterprises which provide local railway transportation: "Trensurb", which develops its activities in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre (RS), and the "Brazilian Company of Urban Trains – CBTU", which operates in municipalities of the State of Minas Gerais and in the Northeastern Region of the country.


The 6th round of airport concessions comprises the concession of 22 airports, divided in 3 blocks:

  • Southern Block, with an estimated investment amount of BRL 2.2 billion and composed by 9 airports: Curitiba/PR; Bacacheri (in Curitiba/PR); Londrina/PR; Foz do Iguaçu/PR; Joinville/SC; Navegantes/SC; Uruguaiana/RS; Bagé/RS; and Pelotas/RS.
  • Northern Block "I", with an estimated investment amount of BRL 1.1 billion and composed by 7 airports: Manaus/AM; Tabtinga/AM; Tefé/AM, Porto Velho/RO; Rio Branco/AC; Cruzeiro do Sul/AC; and Boa Vista/RR.
  • Central Block, with an estimated investment of BRL 1.7 billion and composed by 6 airports: Goiânia/GO; Palmas /TO; Teresina/PI; São Luís/MA; Imperatriz/MA; and Petrolina/PE.


PPI approved, among other projects, the lease of 4 port terminals for the handling of liquid bulks located in the Port of Itaqui/MA.

Environmental License

PPI Council announced new assignments related to the development of strategic projects. It will provide further support for the issuance of environmental licensing. Among those strategic projects, we highlight the dredging and rock removal of the Waterway of Tocantins River (named as Pedral do Lourenço) and the civil works for the expansion of the highway BR-135/MT (development of an addition road lane).