Published by Bloomberg BNA

Editor-in-Chief: Brian Netter

Edited and authored by Mayer Brown lawyers, Bloomberg BNA’s Third Edition, Federal Appellate Practice book is the primary resource for fully understanding the federal appellate process. The book guides practitioners through the federal appellate process—from preserving and protecting the record in the trial court, through all stages of briefing and arguing appeals, to preliminary considerations relating to possible Supreme Court review.

The Third Edition addresses significant amendments to both the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and the local rules of various circuits, as well as developments in appellate practice. Additionally, it incorporates an enormous volume of opinions since the second edition was released, addressing topics covered in virtually every chapter. It also updates the state of the law and captures many of the comments made in appellate decisions, including in unpublished orders, reflecting the views of particular circuits or judges about what works, and what does not, in handling appeals.

This valuable resource goes deeper than purely legal treatises that only collect cases and discuss “the holding.” The treatise draws upon the experience of more than a dozen partners and counsel in Mayer Brown’s Supreme Court and Appellate Practice Group to provide commentary on the most effective ways to handle each step of the process, explaining pitfalls, techniques, and opportunities that may not be apparent from merely reading the technical rules.