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We are delighted to announce that the second edition of guidebook “Performing and Non-Performing Loan Transactions Across the World – A Practical Guide” is available. The book which is published by the renowned Euromoney publishing house highlights the features of loan trade on a domestic and international scale. The 1st edition from 2009 was sold and the 2nd edition is an updated and extended version.

With the beginning of the global credit crisis in 2008 a lot of investors were caught by the turmoil in the financial markets. Banks were focusing on surviving and keeping their banks operating. As a consequence of the financial crisis the volume of non-performing loans on banks’ balance sheets has increased and large volumes of non-core loans have been identified as a result of the banks’ restructuring efforts in the wake of the financial crisis. Furthermore, banks as market participants in primary and secondary markets have been regularly replaced by funds, and restructurings often have many more stakeholders at the table than they did before the credit crisis.

In addition, since the financial crisis, the regulatory framework within which the transactions of performing and non-performing loans take place has changed significantly. Banks now have to comply with the new requirements imposed by Basel III/CRD IV. More specifically, banks will have to comply with the core capital ratios and the less leveraged balance sheets requirement. Furthermore, banks need henceforth to have a stronger liquidity and equity basis.

Also in the light of the current ECB asset quality review, that is expected to be completed by November 2014, the pressure for the banks to clean up their balance sheets is getting stronger. Affected financial institutions will be forced to assess the relative value and regulatory capital cost of assets that attract too much capital. In this light, non-performing shipping loans should receive a particular attention, especially in Germany. At the same time big performing and non-performing transactions took place recently due to a new strategic orientation. The recent surge of non-performing real estate assets falling out of commercial mortgage-backed securities transactions (CMBS) and bad banks have also posed a new dynamic in the topic. Concerning CMBS some key points about the information given to the parties to the transaction should be kept in mind and are stressed out in this book.

All of this together will add some fuel in the active market for international performing, sub-performing and non-performing loan portfolios.

We were able to enlist high-profile professionals working with investors, banks, servicing companies, law firms and auditors as authors. The expertise of these 40 contributors as well as the global approach allow the reader to gain profound insight into the complex matter and render this book one of the most comprehensive guides on the subject currently on the market.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our book as much as we enjoyed writing and editing it.

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