On September 13, 2023, bank regulator partner Matthew Bisanz will speak at a meeting of the Supply Chain Finance Committee of BAFT on the US Basel Endgame proposal.

US federal banking regulators are working to implement more stringent capital requirements on larger banks, with long-awaited, jointly proposed extensive revisions to guard against credit, market, and operational risk. The sweeping late July proposals – for banks with $100 billion (or more) in assets – are of critical importance, as the amount of capital a bank must maintain with respect to any particular loan, investment, or activity is often the most significant factor in determining whether the relationship is profitable – or even feasible.

With larger banking organizations required to hold more capital, might we see a decline in supply chain finance? Will the Basel Endgame drive supply chain finance to new lenders? During this meeting, Matt will explore how these proposed changes may affect banks of all sizes, as well as others in supply chain finance.

For additional information on the program, please visit the event webpage.