Mayer Brown’s COVID-19 Global Response Team has launched two new tools on its COVID-19 portal, the Back to Business Navigator and the Global Stimulus Navigator, to help companies navigate the myriad legal issues across jurisdictions that most affect their business.

The gradual process of reopening the economy and businesses by lifting government-mandated stay-at-home orders and non-essential business closures will likely prove challenging, particularly for companies that operate across borders. Mayer Brown’s Back to Business Navigator offers guidance on which industries and sectors are being affected by restrictions, especially as states begin to relax those measures. Users can draw from a menu of global locations, by industry and business segment, to assess the implications of the latest government actions. The firm also continues to monitor and report changes to formal statewide and international orders as they occur through its previously launched Essential Business Guide.

According to Liz Stern, a Mayer Brown partner and core member of the firm’s COVID-19 Global Response Team, “There are a number of issues that businesses will encounter as we begin to ramp our businesses back up. Mayer Brown has launched the Back to Business Navigator to help companies anticipate, interpret and adjust to evolving law and regulations to ensure they are planning accordingly to minimize litigation risk.”

Additionally, to help businesses understand comparative economic stimulus measures being rolled out by governments around the world, the firm has created a Global Stimulus Navigator, which provides at-a-glance analysis for major jurisdictions.


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