"Very bright and perseverant, but easy to deal with. Business people just love him, because he can deal with issues intelligently and rapidly."
Chambers USA


Paul Jorissen is based in New York and is a practice leader of Mayer Brown's Banking & Finance practice.

Paul’s commercial and creative approach to transactional work draws on over 25 years of experience representing clients in a broad range of financing and securities transactions. The range of his work includes public and private securities offerings, structured finance transactions, analysis and strategic planning for litigation and negotiation of settlements, asset and portfolio sales and mergers and acquisitions. Paul’s experience with asset types includes commercial and residential mortgages, single family rental properties, equipment and other ABS, esoteric and fintech, risk transfer, and M&A transactions.

Paul is an active participant in the structured finance industry. The following are some of his accomplishments as a thought leader in the industry:

  • Member of the Structured Finance Association (SFA) Editorial Board
  • Former practice leader of the Banking & Finance practice and former member of the global Firm Management committee
  • Rated “Standout” for Legal Innovation by Financial Times
  • Recognized by Chambers from 2008-present. Paul is regarded as a “standout figure for mortgage-backed securities and asset-backed securities, particularly equipment loans and leases”
  • Speaker and panelist at ABS, RMBS and CMBS industry events
  • Editor of the treatise titled "Securitization of Financial Assets - Real Estate"

Spoken Languages

  • English


Mortgage and Real Estate Finance

  • Public and private residential term RMBS securitizations, including a recent acquisition of a non-prime, non-QM residential mortgage loan origination platform and a subsequent repo and RMBS 3.0 securitization financings.
  • Public and private CMBS large loan, conduit, and transition and interim loans.
  • Term and warehouse financings of new and seasoned small business commercial mortgage loans.
  • Institutional investor representation in commercial mortgage collateralized loan obligations (CRE CLO).
  • Commercial mortgage A/B note, intercreditor, participation interests and mezzanine lending.
  • Repo financings of securities and residential and commercial mortgage loans, gestation repos and participation sales, related TBA hedges and netting agreements, and GMRA and MRA forms.
  • Single and multi-seller commercial paper and medium-term note financings of securities and loans for REIT and mortgage loan originators.
  • Whole pool trading of performing, re-performing and non-performing mortgage loans and related servicing and financings.
  • Re-REMIC and repackaging offerings, including creating novel structures for the appointment of a collateral manager or holder of power of attorney to direct litigation and other remedies against underlying collateral seller or other parties.
  • A mortgage purchase program (MPP) for Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis and other FHLBs, including related transactions and insolvency analysis.
  • Covered bond offerings into the United States and Europe, including the IFLR deal of year for a novel covered bond program featuring government guaranteed mortgage loans.
  • Non-performing mortgage loan and liquidating trust term securitization financings.

Single Family Rental

  • The first-ever sale of a large portfolio of single family rental properties followed by a bridge financing and SFR securitization of the retained seller financing note.
  • Term, warehouse, bridge loan and repo financings backed by single family rental properties and related equity interests.
  • Property management and related agreements for single family rental properties.

Financial Crisis RMBS and Synthetic Settlements

  • An acquisition of a large private label RMBS portfolio post-GSE settlement and complex provisions for the return of post-acquisition settlement proceeds to the seller.
  • Numerous RMBS securities settlement agreements with large bank and finance companies including novel provisions for the return of post-closing RMBS settlement proceeds to the seller.
  • Structured and negotiated large settlements of super-senior claimants in synthetic CLOs against insolvent broker-dealer estates.

ABS Financings

  • Public and private offerings of ABS backed by equipment loan and lease financing and securitizations of heavy equipment, transportation, industrial, commercial, office, shipping and rail road assets.
  • Innovative collateralized commercial paper CCP and medium term note MTN structures funding broker-dealer prime brokerage and bank securities in the United States and Europe and related margin, bail-in, risk retention, Volcker and regulation AB analysis.
  • Franchise loan finance, securitizations and workouts.
  • Trade and commodities receivables financings and securitizations.
  • Recent off-balance sheet under GAAP and IFRS transactions for industrial, commodities, telecom, credit card bank, guaranteed investment contract and technology businesses.
  • Auction rate preferred notes and extendible commercial paper, collateralized commercial paper, and repo-backed notes.
  • Numerous telecom financings of airtime and handset receivables in the United States and Europe.
  • Interest rate caps, swaps, market value swaps, TBA, master forward contracts and ISDA.
  • Term and warehouse financing of pools of charged-off, defaulted and modified credit card and other secured and unsecured consumer receivables and related licensing and regulatory issues.
  • Syndicated and bilateral secured and unsecured revolving and term loan bank facilities.

Esoteric and FinTech

  • The first rated offering of term securities backed by LendingClub consumer loans, representing the underwriter.
  • A novel restructuring of private equity holdings and a related non-recourse financing for a large life insurer, implemented as part of a capital and asset optimization strategy.
  • Numerous large sales and acquisitions of VISA B stock and related conversion ratio swaps and insolvency analysis.
  • Cooperatives to acquire inventory and supplies for global franchise operations.
  • Numerous financings of standing timber and related contracts and assets.
  • A financing for an originator of marketplace loans and the related fintech licensing and consumer regulatory issues.

Risk Transfer

  • Large RMBS portfolio transfer and financing for a money center bank in a transaction to achieve risk transfer and GAAP re-classification.
  • A credit linked note issued by a large bank backed by a portfolio of synthetic CLO, cash CLO and RMBS in a risk transfer transaction that also reduced regulatory capital.
  • Numerous mortgage insurance risk transfer securitizations using CAT bond structures.
  • Front-end and back-end credit risk transfer transactions with GSEs.
  • A novel restructuring of and non-recourse financing of a multi-billion dollar private equity portfolio for a large life insurer as part of a capital and asset optimization strategy.

M&A and Joint Ventures

  • An M&A of a non-prime residential mortgage origination platform, including related regulatory and licensing issues and subordinated debt and financings.
  • An M&A of a small business commercial mortgage loan SBC portfolio and related assets, including a simultaneous term securitization financing without a bridge financing facility.
  • Joint ventures among a bank, insurance company, asset manager and funds, including the related acquisition and financing of loan portfolios.


Loyola University Chicago School of Law, JD, magna cum laude
Articles Editor, Loyola University Law Journal

Walsh College, Masters in Taxation, with honors

Certified Public Accountant, Michigan

University of Michigan, BBA, with distinction


  • New York
  • Illinois