June 28, 2024

Ripple's Big Court Win Nonetheless Muddied Waters on Whether XRP Is a Security Deserving Tougher Regulation

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Ripple recently scored an unequivocal victory from a dollars-and-cents standpoint in a class action securities lawsuit, with the judge tossing out most of the case.

But the judge also muddied the waters on a bigger issue, diverging from a high-profile decision last year by hinting that Ripple's XRP might be a security – thus deserving closer regulation. The conflicting rulings from two judges are a symptom of a bigger problem: the lack of legal and regulatory clarity for the crypto industry in the U.S. Until that clarity is granted, either by Congress or a ruling from a higher court, there will likely be more confusion for projects like Ripple and beyond.

Joseph Castelluccio was quoted in this article, explaining the nuances of the ruling.

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