July 18, 2023

Pension scheme trustees – improving skills and decision-making


The government has published a call for evidence on improving the skills and capability of trustees and removing barriers to effective investment decision-making.

The call for evidence covers three main areas:

  • Trustee skills and capability – The government is asking for views on the current level of trustee skills and capability, as well as on potential options for improving that level, including trustee registration, trustee accreditation and enhanced requirements for professional trustees.
  • The role of trustee advice – The government wants to ensure that trustees are able to understand and, if necessary, challenge the advice they receive and that the advice trustees receive is of good quality and enables them to make informed decisions. The government is focussing in particular on investment advice.
  • Barriers to trustee effectiveness – The government is asking for views on whether the current framework and guidance on fiduciary duties is sufficient to enable trustees to make decisions in the best long-term interests of members. The government is also asking for views on whether trustees have sufficient time and employer support to fulfil their duties.

The call for evidence closes on 5 September 2023.

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