April 28, 2020

Comparison of COVID-19 Economic Support Mechanisms


Successive governments have announced a plethora of mechanisms to support businesses though the effects of COVID-19. To date, this has been done primarily on a country-by-country basis, leading to an array of different schemes across the EU and in other jurisdictions.

This is a summary of the economic support mechanisms currently available in various jurisdictions in Europe (including the EU1) and in the Americas. It is not designed as a detailed review of the underlying legislation. Specific advice should be sought on a country-by-country basis. We have split our analysis into overview tables, which allow for speedy review of the state of affairs, and underlying tables which provide more information for each country.

We intend to continue to provide further information and clarifications over time, as well as to continue to add further jurisdictions.

1 We have included the UK in the EU section given the nature of the current transition period. UK review excludes review of Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish economic support mechanisms.

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