March 09, 2020

2019 Consumer Financial Services Highlights

Virtually all major law firms provide legal advice in an array of matters ranging from the adversarial to the transactional and lots of disciplines in between. Mayer Brown, of course, is no exception; however, among other areas, we have a unique ability to provide integrated legal services to the regulated industry of consumer financial services. Providing effective legal services to a regulated industry requires an in-depth knowledge of the underlying business—how it makes money and how it can lose money—and the overlay of law and regulations that inform how that business must operate.

In the area of consumer financial services, Mayer Brown brings an unparalleled understanding of how the pieces fit together—how our clients extend, administer, enforce, buy, sell, and securitize consumer credit; how they finance their operations; how they protect and defend their assets and business; how they use, provide and receive third-party services; how they maneuver within and around the labyrinth of federal and state laws and regulations and the specter of government enforcement; and how they position themselves within the industry, with their customers and in matters of public policy that drive their very existence and their future. This knowledge of both law and business enables Mayer Brown to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients in the consumer financial services industry, a role that we cherish and constantly strive to improve.

In the following report, we are pleased to offer a snapshot of our consumer financial services work in 2019. Hopefully, these representative engagements will help demonstrate how Mayer Brown can assist clients with navigating the complex world of consumer financial services. We look forward to continuing to work, or working for the first time, with you this year and in the years to come. Thank you for this privilege.

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