April 18, 2024

Climate-Change Disclosure Rules and Impact on Mortgage Lending


After much anticipation, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), on March 6, 2024, voted to adopt final rules that require reporting by public companies of climate change-related disclosure. The rules require public companies to disclose substantial information about the material impacts of climate-related risks on their business, financial condition, and governance.

While the final rules differ from the SEC’s controversial proposed rules in significant ways, the final rules are prescriptive, and require significant new, additional disclosures. They may be particularly burdensome for the mortgage industry because of the nationwide scope of its activities and long-term nature of its products. Further, there are a number of additional ESG-related proposed rules pending, as well as administrative and political actions by other authorities. Join us for this webinar to discuss this important topic and its impact on the mortgage industry.

Join the Mortgage Broker Association (the “MBA”) and Mayer Brown attorneys Anna Pinedo, Matt Bisanz, and Kim Hamm for this illuminating discussion. To learn more and register, visit the webinar’s webpage.

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