November 15, 2022

Patent Monetization and M&A Transactions: A Match Made in Heaven


When it comes to maximizing the value of your company’s intellectual property, patent monetization is key. With IP comprising an ever-increasing part of a company’s overall value, patent monetization is now a necessary—and expected—part of a company’s overall business strategy.

No longer a pursuit of just the large tech companies, patent monetization has helped companies of all sizes across all industries turn otherwise “latent” company assets into sources of short-term and long-term revenue. Unfortunately, many companies put off pursuing patent monetization because of what they perceive as high costs in terms of time, effort, and upfront expenses.

Please join Michael Word and Richard Assmus as they discuss how M&A transactions provide an environment that lowers barriers to patent monetization, helping companies finally get their patent monetization initiatives off the ground. Michael and Rich will address:

  • What is meant by “patent monetization” and how companies typically go about monetizing their patent portfolios
  • How patent monetization benefits a company, including by helping turn R&D and IP development into a profit center instead of a cost center and providing an alternative source of revenue during an economic downturn
  • How M&A transactions and patent monetization efforts are related—why a healthy patent portfolio is key in M&A transactions and how M&A transactions create an environment that lowers the barriers to monetizing patent portfolios
  • How to approach an M&A transaction in a manner that facilitates patent monetization before, during, and after the transaction 

For additional information, please contact Jalyn Parker at or +1 202 263 3460.

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