November 10, 2021

REVERSEinquiries Workshop: Where Are We Now & Where Are We Going? The Transition Away from IBORs


Here we are at the eleventh hour of the transition away from IBOR, with the looming December 31, 2021 date. With that in mind, this REVERSEinquiries Workshop intends to provide a recap of where we currently stand and what is to be expected in the shift. Mayer Brown partners, Ed Parker and David Duffee, will cover the following:

  • An overview of current trends and developments with the IBOR transition;
  • Status of tough legacy contract legislation in the US, UK, and EU;
  • Fallback recommendations related to LIBOR and SOFR;
  • The path to Synthetic LIBOR; and
  • Tough old gut: EONIA to ESTR and Fed Funds to SOFR in ISDA Credit Support Annexes.

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