September 23, 2020

Geographic Risk: Re-Shoring and Diversifying Your Supply Chain


The fragility of the supply chain ecosystem has been laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic. A recurring narrative for suppliers and distributors has been concerns expressed in relation to over-reliance on a single origin of supply and, in particular, where that source is China. Are other regional players such as Vietnam, Bangladesh and Taiwan set to benefit from a process of diversification, and will the other major regional powers—Japan and Singapore—succeed in creating economic incentives which will fulfill that objective? Added to this, some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are currently considering the re-shoring of operations to their home jurisdiction, driven partly by commercial necessity, partly by a changing global tax landscape and partly by geo-politics. But how easy is it in practice to diversify or re-shore? In this webinar, we will provide ideas on the following:

  • What to consider when pivoting operations away from China and the potential pitfalls, disputes and litigation that may ensue
  • The regulatory framework for international business, including border measures, customs authorities and other trade regulations
  • Optimizing contract manufacturing solutions, the implementation of tax-efficient distribution models, and strategies for managing the ownership and exploitation of intellectual property

CLE is not available when viewing a recording of this program. In order to receive credit you must have attended the live webinar program.

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