July 23, 2020

Mining Insights Episode 5: Restructuring the Mining Industry - Preserving Value


Moderator            Rachel Speight

The mining industry has always been exposed to the cyclical nature of the global economy and the vagaries of commodity prices. Now the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, including global travel restrictions and supply chain failure, means that many companies need to consider complex contingency planning and possible restructuring.
Particular features of the mining sector which need to be factored into any such planning include the cross-border nature of the corporate structures likely to be in place, operations on the ground being challenging and precarious, sensitivity to the geopolitical environment, and the highly-structured, multifaceted financing arrangements commonly used (which can sometimes run to $billions). The mining industry has weathered and survived many upheavals and this webinar seeks to unpick some of these issues and look to ways to preserve value through a restructuring.

You can listen to the webinar here or view by clicking on the image below.

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