July 29, 2020

10 Most Common Insolvency Questions in Receivables and Payables Finance—A Focus on Asia and Europe


Supply chain finance products have a well-deserved reputation of being fairly low-risk propositions. The majority of facilities are uncommitted, exposures are typically short-term and many counterparties are highly rated and well capitalized. However, even in this product segment, banks and other investors are becoming increasingly concerned about how these supply chain finance structures would behave in an insolvency scenario of either a supplier of goods and services or the buyers of those goods and services.

Join Mayer Brown lawyers John Marsden, Ravi Amin and Sheena Frazer on July 29 as they summarize the most common insolvency-related questions they have received recently and some brief answers, with a focus on Hong Kong, Singapore and England. This webinar follows on from the US session conducted by Massimo Capretta, Bianca Dias Soares and Richard Ziegler which was geared toward insolvency in the United States.

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