April 24, 2020

Even Lawyers Can Look Good on Video Chat


Recent stay-at-home orders require us to spend more and more time on video chats from our make-shift home offices.  The indelible Tom Ford offers some easy tips that can help even us lawyers.  The highlights (and I don’t mean hair or cheekbones) are as follows:

  • Elevate your computer on a stack of books to a height slightly above your eyes, focus the webcam down towards your eyes
  • Place a tall lamp beside and slightly behind the computer on the side of your face that you feel is most flattering
  • Put a piece of white paper on the table in front of you but out of view of the webcam

I would add that it may help to consider a neutral backdrop to prevent distraction for your audience.  However, kids dabbing in the background is always encouraged.  Best of luck.


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