Juni 12. 2024

Obligation d’information annuelle des cautions reformulée et étendue aux sûretés réelles pour autrui (ou comment prétendre œuvrer pour l’attractivité du droit français et sa simplification) – partie 1/2


Read the article from Finance lawyers Hervé Kensicher and Stéphane Joly, published in Revue Banque's Banque & Droit review, which takes a critical look at the application of the annual information requirement to guarantors in the field of business law and its unjustifiable extension to third-party providers of security in rem securing the debtor’s indebtedness.

The first part of this in-depth article, which identifies the shortcomings of the legal requirement in question, appears in the May-June issue of the review. The second part, which criticises its ratio legis and proposes practical solutions, will appear in the July-August issue.

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