Februar 08. 2024

Biden Artificial Intelligence Executive Order Action Tracker


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Mayer Brown's Biden Artificial Intelligence Executive Order Action Tracker is designed to help companies keep track of the actions taken by the Biden Administration under the AI EO, as well as those still on the horizon.

President Joe Biden’s October 2023 Executive Order on the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence (the “AI EO”) tasked federal agencies with over 100 actions, that are intended to promote US leadership on artificial intelligence while reducing associated risks. As the Biden Administration continues to implement these directives, the significance of the AI EO to the private sector becomes ever more apparent.

Organized by the AI EO’s eight operative sections, the tracker summarizes the action items directed by the AI EO, their relevant deadlines, and the actions taken to date.

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Last updated April 4, 2024.

Section IV: Ensuring the Safety and Security of AI Technology

Section 4 of the AI EO sets out government actions intended “to protect Americans from the potential risks of AI systems.” Key focus areas include: best practices for developing and testing AI Technology; requirements for dual-use foundation models and infrastructure as a service providers; risk management and regulations for critical infrastructure; and authenticating and watermarking.

Section V: Promoting Innovation and Competition

In Section 5, the AI EO aims to support US leadership in AI innovation through funding research, supporting small developers and businesses, addressing intellectual property concerns, and recruiting talent to the United States.

Section VI: Supporting Workers

In addition to considering labor-market impacts from AI, the Biden Administration warns against “the dangers of increased workplace surveillance, bias, and job displacement.” Section 6 of the AI EO sets out efforts intended to mitigate these risks.

Section VII: Advancing Equity and Civil Rights

Section 7 of the AI EO outlines actions focused on combating discriminatory or biased uses of AI, with a primary focus on criminal justice and government benefits administration.

Section VIII: Protecting Consumers, Patients, Passengers, and Students

Section 8 of the AI EO focuses on assessing the effect of AI on the healthcare, transportation, education, and communications sectors.

Section IX: Protecting Privacy

Section 9 of the AI EO focuses on steps for evaluating and improving privacy protections for information that the federal government collects and uses.

Section X: Advancing Federal Government Use of AI

Section 10 of the AI EO specifies actions to facilitate the adoption of AI across the federal government, including through steps to support federal acquisition of AI products from the private sector.

Section XI: Strengthening American Leadership Abroad

In Section 11, the AI EO directs actions intended to further US global leadership on standards and frameworks for development and deployment of AI.

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