Mai 29. 2021

Lexology Getting the Deal Through
— Oil Regulation 2021


Corporate & Securities partner Bob Palmer (London) is the contributing editor of Lexology Getting The Deal Through – Oil Regulation 2021, which offers a quick-reference summary of all the important issues related to the regulation and business of oil exploration and production worldwide, covering: governmental policy, legislative framework and industry overview, regulators, offshore production and regulation, licensing, concessions and production sharing agreements, royalties and taxation, measurement of oil and oil facility equipment standards, transportation, environment, health and safety, labour, international treaties, foreign investment matters, commodity price controls, cross-border sales and merger control and competition.

Jurisdictions covered by the 2021 Guide are Argentina, Brazil, Denmark (and Faroe Islands, Greenland), Ecuador, Ghana, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Peru, Thailand, UAE and the UK. Bob also contributed the UK chapter of the Guide.

Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Lexology Getting the Deal Through – Oil Regulation 2021; contributing editor: Bob Palmer, Mayer Brown International LLP. For further information please visit

An interactive version is available here.

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