November 07. 2023

SCIs Esoteric ABS Seminar


Stuart Litwin will be serving on the Market Overview panel with:

  • Patricia C. Lynch, Ropes & Grey LLP (Moderator)
  • Peter Walgren, Morgan Stanley
  • Jesse Sable, MUFG
  • Deanna Leighton, AllianceBernstein

This panel provides a concise exploration of the unique characteristics of esoteric securitization assets. It delves into crucial questions about establishing, securing, and enforcing interests in these assets. Additionally, it highlights the importance of employing effective metrics to ensure the quality of underlying assets. The panel also sheds light on measuring and monitoring the performance of esoteric portfolios, while emphasizing the regulatory considerations that need to be taken into account.

Jan Stewart will serve as moderator for the Fund Finance panel along with:

  • Max Mullen, KKR
  • Cyrus Moshiri, New Mountain Capital
  • Belinda Ghetti, S&P Global

Fund finance securitizations represent a burgeoning sector, driven by various factors. This panel delves into the heart of this dynamic landscape, unraveling emerging structures and solutions. We'll demystify the world of securitized debt and tranching frameworks, shedding light on crucial elements like borrowing base, advance rates, valuation procedures, and prepayment thresholds. Join us for an insightful journey into fund finance, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate this evolving terrain.

Brett Moskowitz will a moderator for the Royalties and Intellectual Property panel with:

  • Daniel Stawiarski, Barclays
  • Priya Desai, MetLife Investment Management
  • Mike Morris, Flexpoint Ford
  • Chris Baffa, KBRA

Our expert panel will guide attendees through the intricate process of conducting due diligence for copyright transactions, including the valuation of royalties and the determination of royalty rates. Gain insights into evaluating the quality of studio/distribution platforms and understand the profound impact of digital distribution services on these industries. Discover the key factors that shape successful investments and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of entertainment finance.

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