março 11 2024

New Hampshire Enacts Privacy Law


On March 6, 2024, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed SB 255 into law, making the Granite State the latest to enact a comprehensive privacy law—the 15th state, if you count Florida’s privacy law of narrower applicability.


New Hampshire’s privacy law goes into effect January 1, 2025 and applies to persons that conduct business in New Hampshire, or persons that produce products or services that are targeted to New Hampshire residents, and who during a one-year period: (1) controlled or processed the personal data of not less than 35,000 unique New Hampshire residents (excluding personal data controlled or processed solely for the purpose of completing a payment transaction); or (2) controlled or processed the personal data of not less than 10,000 unique New Hampshire residents, and who derived more than 25% of their gross revenue from the sale of personal data.

Comparison to Comprehensive State Privacy Laws

New Hampshire’s privacy law tracks closely to other state privacy laws that have been enacted, without unique deviations. For more information about the rights and obligations under New Hampshire’s privacy law and how it compares to other state comprehensive privacy laws, please see our state privacy law tracker.

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