dezembro 20 2023

A sustainable automotive sector in the United Kingdom – FAQs on the new UK Battery Strategy


Other Author      Laura Taylor, Trainee Solicitor

What is the new UK Battery Strategy and why is it important to the automotive sector?

  • On 26 November 2023, the UK Government Department for Business and Trade published the UK Battery Strategy (the "Battery Strategy"), which the UK Government hopes will enable the UK to become "a world leader in sustainable battery design and manufacture, underpinned by a thriving battery innovation ecosystem". Amongst other things, a safe, circular and sustainable battery value chain for all batteries is important for the development of the growing market of electric vehicles.
  • The Battery Strategy centres on a "design-build-sustain" approach, meaning that the UK Government intends to: (1) focus efforts on domestic battery design; (2) target spending on the development of infrastructure and research and development of batteries in the UK; and (3) strengthen the domestic supply chain for batteries to reduce reliance on imports.

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