outubro 18 2022

Cyber Spotlight: Ransomware 3.0 War Stories – Triple Extortion, Sanctions Risks, and Best Practices from the Trenches


Ransomware attacks continue to cause serious disruption to organizations and show no signs of slow-down.  What starts as a security failure quickly becomes a serious business risk, requiring decision-making at the board level. Our speakers will touch on various legal and technical factors impacting a company’s response to a ransomware attack and provide practical advice on what companies should do before, during and after an attack occurs, including:

  • Conducting a privileged forensic investigation
  • Deciding whether to pay a ransom payment and conducting the necessary sanctions checks
  • Engaging with law enforcement and other state/federal regulators
  • Understanding common pitfalls
  • Staying up-to-date on current best practices

To request a link to a recording of this program, please contact us.

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