février 05 2020

2019 – 2020 Time-lapse: An Overview of EU Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Developments


A 360° snapshot of what you should know to stay ahead of the curve. The rapid evolution of the cybersecurity landscape and the role-model that UK and Continental EU policymakers are keen to play in addressing increased privacy expectations from the society lead to a multiplication of rules impacting all organizations, irrespective of their size or the sectors they are in. Keeping up with the developments can be challenging; more than ever, knowing the environment you are in and what is coming next are key to succeed.

Join our UK and Continental EU speakers for an overview of the significant developments in 2019 and their thoughts on the key issues for 2020 in cybersecurity and data privacy. 

Our speakers will discuss selected topics including high level observations on the latest developments in the EU cybersecurity area and the lessons learned from the enforcement under GDPR but also more specific matters such as how to address multiple cookies’ guidance issued by national supervisory authorities or the issues linked to the developments of facial recognition technologies. Our speakers will also be considering how the increased maturity of data subjects will be shaping upcoming technology developments such as 5G, ad-tech or AI among many others and how the EU responses in those areas might differ to the ones promoted in other part of the world.

Each participant will receive a copy of ‘2019: The Year in Review – EU Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Developments’, the go-to source to quickly access key documents in the area.

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