Hosted By Practising Law Institute

The Dodd-Frank Act established a novel, comprehensive framework for the regulation of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives and the market participants who transact in these products.  That regulatory framework, split primarily between the SEC and CFTC, has been substantially implemented by the CFTC.  For their part, the SEC has made substantial progress and has most recently focused on finalizing the rules applicable to security-based swap dealers and major participants.

At this program, our distinguished faculty will provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving regulatory framework for OTC derivatives and derivatives market participants, and explain how the regulatory framework affects these products, the structure of the market for these products and market participants. 

Mayer Brown partners Curtis A. Doty and Mark H. Leeds will both be presenting in separate sessions on the second day of the program.

Curtis A. Doty will be presenting in Enforcement Trends, Litigation, Insolvency and Resolution Authority: Safe Harbors; Orderly Liquidation. Topics will include. 

  • Review of recent cases of interest to the OTC derivatives market
  • Differences among the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, the Orderly Liquidation Authority, and the Code
  • Resolution stay issues
  • Fed's proposal to include new entities as eligible for FDICIA netting.

Mark H. Leeds in Derivatives Taxation. Topics will include: 

  • The application of the new limitations on the deductibility of interest (Section 163 (j))
  • Tax issues presented by IBOR replacements
  • An overview of how the base erosion and anti-avoidance tax impacts derivative and funding transactions entered into by financial institutions  

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