octubre 21 2021

Outsourcing 2021: Innovation and Disruption


Practising Law Institute


COVID-19 proved the ultimate disruptor for the global sourcing world – making supply chain management and force majeure topics of casual conversation. Sudden changes in staffing, travel, shipping, etc. triggered a massive rethinking of existing business practices.

Innovation and disruption in the marketplace, broader adoption of these services, increasingly stringent regulation and growing risks, including cybersecurity and privacy, and disputes born out of COVID-19, add new pressures for both suppliers and clients. Outsourcing 2021 will explore the impact of the pandemic on the outsourcing industry; how business leaders are responding, and what the future is likely to hold for customers and providers. Hear from some of the nation’s leading lawyers about the latest developments and trends.

What You Will Learn

  • Getting Deals Done in a Rapidly Changing World
  • Risk Management Provisions in Master Services Agreements
  • Digitization Impacts on Sourcing Contracts
  • Intellectual Property Issues in Sourcing Agreements
  • Litigation and the Impact of COVID-19-related Disputes
  • Privacy and Data Security Issues in Outsourcing
  • Ethics Issues in Negotiating Sourcing Deals

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