julio 02 2020

Webinar: Foreign Direct Investment Review Regimes in Europe – European and National Legislators Tighten Scrutiny, in light of COVID-19 and beyond


Over the last decade, in Europe, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of foreign direct investment control regimes and a strengthening of many existing regimes, leading to additional administrative scrutiny of M&A transactions.

This webinar provided an overview of the EU's Framework Regulation (and its recently published guidelines) and of the FDI regimes in some of Europe's key jurisdictions. Topics that were covered included:

  • The changing regulatory landscape for FDI.
  • The scope, applicability and review criteria of FDI control regimes in France, Germany and the UK.
  • Recommendations for M&A transactions: how to navigate the FDI review process, and implications for transaction documentation.

Please view the webinar recording:


View the slides here.

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