In this edition:

  1. Court enforcement of an adjudication award - can a challenge send the decision to arbitration?
  2. Notice of Dissatisfaction – did it make clear what it was challenging?
  3. Liquidated damages provisions: when might they be void for uncertainty? If not, might they operate as a cap on general damages?
  4. Court tackles key issues in £8million cladding claim
  5. Cladding dispute judgment: the experts’ role in interpreting Building Regs. and associated materials; Approved Documents and BBA certificates
  6. Assessing the reasonable skill and care standard; is what everyone else was doing good enough?
  7. Causation: is it always the ‘but for’ test?
  8. Is a claimant’s recovery limited to what is reasonable? Does reliance on expert advice help?
  9. Waking watch costs – too remote?
  10. Building Safety Act Guidance and explanatory notes
  11. New BSI competence standards: frameworks, requirements and code of practice
  12. Building Safety Act: sections 126-129 in force
  13. Building Safety Act: leaseholder guidance
  14. Building Safety pledge: Levelling Up Secretary gives update and issues warning to irresponsible house builders
  15. NEC secondary Option X29 supports combatting climate change
  16. Government announces fast track planning route for major infrastructure projects
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