Gabriela Kennedy was one of only 40 lawyers and advisers from around the world invited to contribute to the first-ever GDR (Global Data Review) Insight Panel Report, which was published on 26 February 2021. The report provides an overview of the data landscape regionally and globally under four headings: workloads and teams, opportunities, costs and risks, thought-provoking aspects of recent data work streams. The panellists' contributions were anonymised, but the issues they addressed include the European Court of Justice's Schrems II judgment, which was described as “a significant driver of data protection compliance work"; the commercialisation of data assets and rising costs and the unfavourable regulatory environment for data holders because of the lack of an international data protection compliance system, a situation that is not expected to change soon. In fact, with new Chinese, Indian, Australian and Canadian regimes, regulatory obligations are only expected to get more demanding.

GDR is an intelligence platform that analyses the law and regulation of the use and trade of data around the world and provides need-to-know information for in-house teams and the private-practice lawyers that advise them.