The 50 states and the District of Columbia have issued orders and directives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although common approaches have been taken by many states, each state’s order is different and must be analyzed relative to the work being performed. In most circumstances, contractors that are part of the Defense Industrial Base (including supply chain), or that are providing products/services necessary for the federal/state/local government, are essential businesses and may continue to operate. However, even as essential businesses, they must comply with applicable portions of state and local orders, such as requirements that employees socially distance and that operating businesses allow telework to the maximum extent possible.

The orders change constantly, though many updated orders will not affect the substantive restrictions applicable to contractors. 

We have created a table focusing on the restrictions applicable to businesses and organizations providing goods and services to government agencies at all levels of government, i.e., government contractors. We will attempt to update this list when substantive changes occur.

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