As summer closes and autumn begins, it is time for public companies to begin planning for the 2020 proxy and annual report season. Advance preparations are key to producing proxy statements and annual reports that not only comply with disclosure requirements but also serve as tools for shareholder engagement. This Legal Update highlights the following issues of importance to the upcoming 2020 proxy and annual report season:


  • Hedging Disclosure
  • Pay Ratio Disclosure
  • Board Diversity
  • Trending Shareholder Proposals
  • Shareholder Proposal Guidance
  • Environmental and Social Disclosure
  • Say-on-Pay
  • Overboarded Directors
  • Proxy Voting Advice Guidance and Investment Adviser Guidance
  • Compensation Litigation and Compensation Disclosure
  • Director and Officer Questionnaires


  • Amendments to Form 10-K Disclosure Requirements
  • Critical Audit Matters
  • Trending Annual Report Topics
  • Risk Factors
  • Inline XBRL 
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