The Brazilian Land Transportation Agency (ANTT – Agência Nacional de Transportes Terrestres) has launched a public consultation inviting suggestions on the road freight charge regulation.

One of the "National Policy of Road Cargo Transportation Charge Standards" (Política Nacional de Pisos Mínimos do Transporte Rodoviário de Cargas) governed by Federal Law No. 13,703/2018, the regulation was issued in response to concerns related to the "Brazilian truck driver crisis" in 2018.

The ANTT proposal subject to the current public consultation provides further regulation to Federal Law No. 13,703/2018, setting forth general rules and a method to calculate the road freight charge. Moreover, the new regulation will replace Resolution No. 5,820/2018, the current ANTT rule on the subject.

The public consultation period runs from April 09, 2019, to May, 24, 2019.