Environmental incidents such as an accidental chemical release require an immediate reaction as well as a long-term plan to manage a myriad of issues. Companies that respond strategically are better positioned to face the associated challenges and litigation risks.

Our Responding to a Mass Environmental Tort Litigation booklet, using a hypothetical environmental incident, will guide you through the steps to effectively manage a real-life environmental incident. We’ll walk you through the initial emergency response, related investigations and the resolution of ensuing litigation. The book includes in-depth information on:

  • The initial emergency response
  • Litigation positioning and strategy
  • Retaining experts on key issues
  • Handling criminal, civil and internal investigations

Copies of this book include a comprehensive response and strategy checklist that will be helpful in the event that you need to manage a mass environmental tort litigation.

Authored by lawyers in Mayer Brown’s Environmental practice who have a lengthy and successful track record handling and resolving large and complex environmental tort claims, this guide is a valuable resource for in-house counsel, executives and other stakeholders who face environmental challenges.

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