Gabriela Kennedy's Asia Pacific column in the latest issue of Computer Law & Security Review features a Mayer Brown article, titled "Navigating the Latest Developments in China’s Cybersecurity Law".

The author discusses the latest developments with respect to China’s new Cybersecurity Law (CSL), which came into operation on 1 June 2017. She explains that the various measures, guidelines and regulations issued over the last few months have only caused more ambiguity, and additional or revised interpretations, measures and guidelines are required to scatter the clouds of uncertainty surrounding the CSL. In the meantime, companies that have any links to China should as a minimum, conduct privacy and security audits, implement a cross-border transfer of data plan and conduct self assessments pursuant to the CSL’s Cross-Border Measures.

Gabriela is a member of the editorial board of Computer Law & Security Review and edits the Asia Pacific column, a country-by-country analysis of the latest legal developments, cases and issues relating to IT, media and telecommunications in the Asia Pacific region.