Gabriela Kennedy's Asia Pacific column in the latest issue of Computer Law & Security Review features a Mayer Brown article, titled "IoT (I Own Thee): Hong Kong Releases Results of Study on Wearable Technology Devices".

Gabriela discusses the key findings of a Hong Kong study carried out by the Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner (PC) from April to June 2016 to examine the privacy and security practices and protection measures of manufacturers of wearable technologies, a subset of the Internet of Things (IoT). The study revealed that there is a general lack of awareness and transparency amongst IoT device manufacturers in communicating privacy and security protection measures to consumers, pushing the PC to urge IoT manufacturers to improve their privacy communications. The author explains that the study’s findings also gives rise to concerns relating to the challenges of providing notice in the context of IoT devices due to the ubiquity of data collection as well as obstacles in providing information on devices that often have little of no user interface at all.

Gabriela is a member of the editorial board of Computer Law & Security Review and edits the Asia Pacific column, a country-by-country analysis of the latest legal developments, cases and issues relating to IT, media and telecommunications in the Asia Pacific region.