• Responses to IAIS Consultation on Basic Capital Requirements for Global Systemically Important Insurers


  • China – New Measures on Administration of Acquisitions and Mergers of Insurance Companies
  • China – Insurers Allowed Wider Investment Channels
  • China – New Bancassurance Rules
  • China – Regulations regarding Bitcoin
  • China – Tax to be Deferred on Pension Contributions from 1 Jan 2014
  • China – Further Reforms to the Insurance Business in 2014
  • Hong Kong – Measures to Attract Captive Insurers to be Established in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong – Establishment of a New Independent Insurance Authority
  • Singapore – Tax Treatment of Insurance Investments
  • Vietnam – An Overview of Vietnam’s Insurance Market


  • UK – Lloyd’s 2014 Guidance Notes on Solvency II
  • Germany – Proposed Amendments to the Regulation on the Investment of Restricted Assets of Insurance Undertakings


  • US – NAIC’s Spring National Meeting
  • US – New York Proposes Alternative to XXX/AXXX Reserve Financing Transactions
  • US – New York Adopts Regulation 203 relating to Enterprise Risk Management and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment
  • US – Vermont’s New Legacy Insurance Management Act
  • US – NAIC Provides ORSA Guidance in New Feedback to Industry
  • US – Congressional Hearing on the FIO’s Modernization Report
  • US – Delaware Amends Insurance Code with respect to Insurance Companies’ Borrowings from Federal Home Loan Banks
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